A Day in the Life of a Yoe Developer

Posted on Friday, May 21, 2021
In this episode we describe how we develop, test, and use the Yoe Distribution.

Show Notes

In this episode, Khem describes how he develops, tests the Yoe distribution.

Show notes:

  • what does your day to day development look like
  • recent platforms developed with Yoe
  • why we mirror repositories (note, these are not forks)
  • we use Yoe to test combinations of things
  • Yoe testing strategy and tools
  • master branch is usually stable
  • how we generate the changelog and why it might be useful for any Yocto developer

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Cliff Brake

Cliff Brake

Cliff has been developing products for a long time. See BEC and Github for more information.

Khem Raj

Khem Raj

Khem is an OpenEmbedded maintainer.