Reflections on Developing an Odroid-C2 Based Product

Posted on Monday, Jan 11, 2021
In this episode, we discuss our experiences using the Yoe Distribution on a real project.

Show Notes

In this episode we discus:

  • hardware options for implementing Embedded Linux systems (SOM, SBC, full custom)
  • why we selected the Odroid-C2 for this project
  • review of the BSP support for the Odroid-C2
  • make sure you are worked with supported technology
  • description of what it takes to use a watchdog to protect the boot process
  • discussions on the trade-offs with the update architecture (we used a dual rootfs method on this project)
  • trade-offs with implementing a read-only rootfs
  • application architecture
    • written in Go
    • local display using a Qt WebEngine to implement a full screen browser on LCD
    • used InfluxDB for storing time series data
    • used Grafana to view engineering data
  • how we do builds, release/changelog, and versioning
  • options for browser implementations

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Cliff Brake

Cliff Brake

Cliff has been developing products for a long time. See BEC and Github for more information.

Khem Raj

Khem Raj

Khem is an OpenEmbedded maintainer.